Any coach knows how busy managing a team can be. From leading practices to planning game schedules to coaching night games, a coach finds days packed during the season. Any tool that can help save time is welcome. And why not save time for both coaches and players at the same time while providing a tool they never had before? That’s where Digital Gameday comes in.

So what is Digital Gameday?

It’s an online video storage, editing, and sharing tool for coaches and players, a one-stop website to upload all game videos and critique them. Digital Gameday is simple for any casual internet user.

How does Digital Gameday help save time? With a few clicks, coaches can upload video files, clip out important segments, and select specific players and other coaches to share clips with. No more outdated, time-consuming technology that everyone has to view together. Anyone can log onto the site on their own schedule and view just the clips relevant to them, so players will save time as well. Coordinating with another coach to send videos is as simple as selecting the right video and typing in an email address.

Digital Gameday helps school coaches and players save time while making game videos easier to access and analyze. Interested in learning more about our service? Contact us today for a demo.